Bee Keeping Training At Rongo University

The core business of university is training, research and outreach. On the 28th November 2019, Rongo University partnered with African Beekeepers LTD to offer an intensive hands­­ on modern beekeeping. The training workshop brought together beekeepers from various parts of Migori County. The participants represented the youth, women, men, students and retirees who have either just started beekeeping or have been in the trade for many years.


The take-home-message was delivered as a package: Modern beekeeping technologies are more rewarding than traditional method;

There is no need to fear bees: Make friends with them and treat them well and they will never attack you;


Frequent hive inspection (at least once a month) is necessary for bee health and productivity;

Forage and water are two important inputs for honey production;

Beekeeping is a lucrative business.